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A graduation internship abroad is a game-changer that will change you from an ordinary student into someone who is open-minded, can deal with different people, thinks out of the box, shows initiative and is very responsible. Permanent employement after an internship and a subsequent successful study diploma is defintely desirable.

Matriculation is required during the entire internship period or your internship takes place between your Bachelor and Master studies Gap Year. Master students have to search for a topic and a supervisor with a venia docendi Prof.

Details on the tasks, milestones, responsibilites, key dates and meetings are negotiated with the supervisor. Most graduate students if not all have full-time jobs, which may be an important factor to consider if you want to choose the internship route.

Do I have to submit a matriculation certificate for an internship position. You can explore in great depth a subject that is of great interest to you, but only tangentially if at all broached in the general curriculum.

You can prepare for this by reading the following documents and explanations prior to starting your thesis.

How long are the minimum internship periods.

Master's thesis

Maximum duration of the Gap Year internship is 6 months, and the end of the internship must be within one year of the completion of the Bachelor degree. Due to the high amount of effort required for the selection and contract process and local requirements, an internship abroad is only possible for a minimum of 5 months.

If your research requires the use of non-English sources, you can improve your reading skills to the level expected in graduate work.

Master thesis abroad

Instead of having daily tasks, you are now working on solving a large research within the company. In addition, it is a good advantage for your CV.

Master thesis abroad

Some graduate library programs offer a few options, for instance, conducting a study, doing an internship, or writing a thesis. What are the general characteristics of the thesis. More detailed information on deadlines and procedures can be found in the programme book.

The thesis is then discussed at a formal defense attended by the adviser, another member of the history department and one reader from outside.

Thesis or Internship- What’s Best for me ?

All open internship positions are published as individual job offers. At Lufthansa, most theses are given to students following the completion of their internships with us. While the thesis requires more research and focus on a specific point.

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What is a thesis about. For my program you have to complete hours under a supervised librarian or archivist. How long are the minimum internship periods. Each chair group of Wageningen has their own additional requirements.

What are the general characteristics of the thesis. The main supervisor needs to be from your home university, whereas the second can be external. An explanation of the method you use for your research The results of the research A conclusion of your research Finally, you give a recommendation based on the entire research.

You must complete your Research Master's programme by writing a Research Master's thesis (30 EC) that is based on original research. A Reseach Master's thesis is a scholarly text in which you are expected to contribute, on the basis of independent research, to a debate within your discipline.

For a master’s degree, a thesis is a report of an independently conducted scientific research that is not required to be related to a specific business problem.


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Master thesis abroad The Euroleague for Life Sciences offers the opportunity to gain international experience and develop your scientific skills, by writing your thesis abroad, in one of the leading Life Science universities in Europe.

Thesis or Internship- What’s Best for me? We know that as graduate students we have to do a capstone project our last semester. Usually this capstone is a thesis, which may be scary and overwhelming. Remuneration depends on the kind of internship.

Students who move to one of our sites for the duration of their internship or time writing their thesis or dissertation have the opportunity to receive a rent allowance depending on the subject area.

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Writing master thesis abroad internships
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